Shark fin soup is probably one of the most controversial delicacies in the world and heres why. Traditionally commercial shark fishing boats would go out and remove the fins from live sharks and set them free to die. Sharks CANNOT live without their fins and would sink to their demise. This was the easiest and most profitable way for shark finning boats to make their money, as shark fins can easily exceed $100lb, whereas the shark meat itself was only worth a few dollars a pound. This is Cruel, inhumane and a horrible management of a fishery, no matter how you look at it. Shark fin soup has dated back to the song dynasty in the year 900, and it has become a symbol of wealth, prosperity and even believed to have medicinal benefits. I wanted to show people how to make shark fin soup from scratch sustainably and humanely. I recently harvested an Atlantic Blacktip shark for dinner. This species has no size limit and in Florida you can keep 1 per person per day with a saltwater fishing license. Shark populations in the U.S are the highest they have been years and are from endangered. Worldwide shark fin sales are decreasing and most countries have banned shark finning. PLEASE keep in mind the shark fins seen in this video were put to good use and the entire shark as consumed, I DO NOT condone live shark finning. The practice of shark finning and releasing a shark to die is barbaric, inhumane and a poor management of shark species.

►Recreational regulations for sharks in Florida!

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