Can this classic Star Rod fishing rod be restored and is it even worth it? 7′ 6″ heavy action Star Rod Spinning Reel Class. This used to be the ultimate semi-custom fishing rod for Tarpon, Snook and Redfish fishing. Over the years the reel seat has come loose. Mailing one piece fishing rods back to the manufacturer is a huge headhead. You have to get a shipping container, pay a lot for shipping and the manufacturer may refuse to honor the warrantee. So if anybody out there knows how to fix it. The number of 100 pound Tarpon caught on this rod has to be around 500. Replacements have not been quite as adequate. This rod is for advanced fisherman when fishing for Snook and Tarpon because it provides almost no forgiveness to the angler if there is any user error. We dont fish for many big Snappers or Groupers but I would imagine the very same principals would apply. Beginner or intermediate fisherman would be better off using light to medium light action rods. This is compounded when using braid that does not stretch. Good luck and Run That Dog.

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