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Moving into the reports, with the reopening of the general category for bluefin tuna combined with a decent weather window on Sunday, several boats got out in search of a few more fish. First up, the crew of the Goose Hummock Shop set out for an early-morning run to the Middle Bank. After about 10 minutes they noticed some bird activity and made a move, finding a Minke whale below the birds. Danny dropped a live mackerel down, but before the second bait could be deployed they were tight to a fish. After a solid battle by the entire Goose Team, they boated a 97-inch tuna which dressed out at 518 pounds! If you want to see a video of the catch, be sure to check out the Goose Hummock Shop’s YouTube page once you’re done watching this week’s video!

But it wasn’t just the guys from the Goose who found fish as Capt John of Fish Chatham Charters is still out there, doing his thing. He ran a bottom fishing trip on the 26th which produced a load of cod, haddock and pollock. Then once the tuna season reopened, Capt. John was expectedly in the mix as he boated a 93-inch bluefin on Sunday, too. There is still time to get in on this fishery, and once closed there might be a shot at some recreational-class fish too, so give John a call today at 508-237-7210.

But it’s not just tuna on tap right now, and we have a video from a new contributor this week, Todd Corayer better known as the Fish Wrap Writer, and he is going to tell us about the variety of species he is finding right now in Rhode Island.

For the bottom fishermen out there, I have been receiving somewhat mixed reports depending on where boats happen to fish as well as how the weather turns out. The Frances Fleet has been getting into a mixture of cod, blackfish and black sea bass on the inshore grounds, and when they made a cod run last week they found steady action and good-sized fish. The problem is, however, that winds have kept them inshore most every day since.

I also heard from Capt. Tom Logan of Fish On Charters as he ran a pair of trips this past week, finding good action on both. On Friday he started off fishing Block Island for cod and black sea bass, boating half a dozen cod and a limit of sea bass. On the way home he stopped off at Watch Hill putting a dozen tog in the cooler in about 2 hours of fishing. Saturday was back to the Block in rough seas but he still loaded up on the sea bass and iced seven cod. He again stopped off at Watch Hill on the way home and put another seven tog in the boat.