Weekly fishing reports for New England region at http://www.thefisherman.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=directory.category&PDIR=24

Weekly fishing reports for New Enaglnd can be found at http://www.thefisherman.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=directory.category&PDIR=24.

First up this week, we get back into the swing of things with another big fishing show, this time the all-new Connecticut Fishing & Outdoor Show which debuts at Mohegan Sun Earth Expo & Convention Center in Uncasville, Connecticut on Friday. The show runs Friday through Sunday, and you can find The Fisherman Magazine at booth #301. This is located directly in front of you as you enter though the main gates, and of course we’ll have a bunch of great free gifts to go with all your subscription needs. We teamed up with Fishbites and Savage Gear this season, so you get TWO FREE GIFTS with each paid subscription to the Fisherman Magazine. I will be there all day Friday and Saturday, and I will be doing seminars both days. Friday I go on at 4 PM, and Saturday at 1 PM, and I’ll be talking about targeting striped bass and bluefish in the surf in Connecticut. Of course we will also have the 3R stickers available which is your ticket to becoming a member of the ongoing Northeast Striped Bass Tag Study Team. We are currently over $25,000 total raised between corporate and private sponsors, check out the link at http://www.thefisherman.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=feature.display&feature_ID=2513&ParentCat=2 for more details and to see who has signed on so far and how you can get involved!

Looking ahead to next week, we have another show, this time in my old home turf of Western Massachusetts, as we’ll be at the Springfield Sportsmen’s Show on February 21 – 23. I’ll have more info on this show in next week’s video, so be sure to check back!

I also want to let you know that The Fisherman is now on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV and Android TV, so now you can watch this broadcast and our other video content on the big screen, just search for The Fisherman TV on any of those devices. If you have any of these devices now, or you plan to add them in the near future, be sure to give us a look!

Jack Tibbens of Team BHO kayak fishing has been taking advantage of the warm weather for some local largemouth bass. Ned rigs and small creature baits dragged along bottom are doing the trick for these mid-winter bucketmouths which are a great way to break up the winter doldrums if you don’t have any fishable ice near you. Be sure to stop by and see the guys from Black Hall Outfitters this weekend at the Connecticut Fishing & Outdoor Show as I got word that they have some killer show specials!

And while cod fishing has been tough the last few trips out, Capt. Greg of the Black Hawk is making the best of what winter has to offer and he has a seal watch cruise scheduled for Monday, February 17, at 9 AM. As always, 50% of each ticket on the seal watches will go to a local non-profit organization. Tickets are extremely limited, grab your spots today online at blackhawksportfishing.com. Capt. Greg will also be at the show at Mohegan this weekend, so you can talk about the seals, fishing for cod or any of the other species he targets throughout the season in and around Long Island Sound.

To finish off today, I’ll leave you with some more regulatory discussion. Last week I announced that the ASMFC striped bass board met in Virginia, and we now have a much better idea of how 2020 and beyond striped bass regulations will look, but not everything has been finalized, most notable in Rhode Island and New Jersey. Well RI had its public hearing on Monday night, and from those I spoke to who attended it sounds like they’re leaning towards the 30 to less than 40 slot. While I’ll leave my personal feelings on any of the choices we have been discussing for another day, I will say that I would prefer for RI to have the same limits as the rest of New England and NY anglers for regional consistency, ease of enforcement and fairness to all anglers involved. If you’d like to voice your concerns or opinion on the subject, public comment is being accepted in RI through February 23

RI Department of Environmental Management
ATTN: Peter Duhamel
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