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A fairly mild January and February should give way to more intense March madness with the New Jersey stripers coming on Sunday when back bay striped bass fishing officially reopens on March 1. Casters are coming into the weekend armed with bloodworms and high expectations based on the number of catch and release bass encountered this winter by local perch fishermen. Sunny skies and temps in the mid 40’s forecast for Sunday should see some of those traditional “southern exposure” hot spots yielding a few stripers; look towards bigger tidal creeks and rivers with muddy bottom for a chance to score.

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife makes it official this week with the new one at 28- to less than 38-inch slot, but that new regulation takes effect on April 1, 2020 (that and the bluefish regs both live as of April 1). Catch the free seminars at the Atlantic City Boat Show today through Sunday presented by the Recreational Fishing Alliance (booth #830) and The Fisherman Magazine (booth #147 & #826); learn more about our satellite tagging study on Saturday with Gray FishTag Research in our booth talking “Freedom” and “Liberty”.

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