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Well, it has been an interesting week since we last talked between developments in the Coronavirus and then Tom Brady announcing his departure from the New England Patriots, all of which has sent life as we know it here in New England into a tailspin. As I was shooting the video last week, some fishing shows were cancelled already, some intended to proceed, and others were in “wait and see” mode. Now, I can officially say that ALL big fishing shows in New England are cancelled for the 2020 season including the Northeast Fishing & Hunting Show in Hartford, as well as the New England Saltwater Fishing Show in Rhode Island.

Leading up to these announcements, we at The Fisherman were evaluating how we’d be handling the remaining shows here in New England and beyond with a precautionary mentality in regard to ongoing concerns over the Coronavirus. Well, with the shows done, we have a special no-show promo offer for those of you who had planned on seeing us at the remaining shows in RI or CT. Effective through midnight on March 22, anyone who purchases a subscription online at TheFisherman.com, and enters the promo code northeast, will receive $3 off their annual subscription rate AND we will mail you a free 8-inch Savage Sand Eel which you would have received in person at the show. Now this promo offer is limited both while supplies last and through March 22, so you’ll need to act today. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery of your promo item, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

In light of the show cancellations, many of our local tackle shops are running special in-house sales including the folks at Fisherman’s World in Norwalk, Black Hall Outfitters in both Old Lyme and Westbrook, Rivers End in Old Saybrook, Snug Harbor Marina in Snug Harbor, Red Top Sporting Goods in Buzzards Bay and Tomo’s Tackle in Salem. A full rundown of the special deals can be seen in this week’s video.

And now, if you’re looking to put some of that new gear you pick up at one of these sales, you have a few options, pretty much in line with that which we’ve been seeing for the last few weeks. Trout fishing has been very good where the season is open, and Dave Bogacz took his kayak out in Massachusetts over the weekend, let’s see how he did.

Dave sent me a follow-up text after he sent the video saying he went back out on Monday and loaded up on the trout throwing a black/yellow Panther Martin spinner and a white/yellow Thomas Buoyant spoon.

I also heard from Jack Tibbens of the Black Hall Outfitters fishing team who has been doing quite well on the bass from his kayak in some local lakes using everything from jerkbaits to jigs and even chatterbaits. Jigs worked slowly on the bottom have been producing the bigger fish.

And last up this week, I compiled a list of the final state-by-state recreational striped bass regulations from Maine to North Carolina and have posted it at http://www.thefisherman.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=feature.display&feature_ID=2583&ParentCat=19. In short, all states on the coast will be fishing with a 1-fish limit and a slot limit range of 28 – less than 35 inches with the exception of New Jersey as their top end stops at 38 inches. There are some closed seasons in a few states, and modified regulations for different bay and riverine fisheries, so be sure to check out the link for all the details.