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Ok, this week we start off with a video contribution from David Bocacz as he was out on the ice over the weekend.

I also heard from Fisherman contributor Nick Kanaras who found some ice this week. He reports finding spotty ice of 3-7 inches in Connecticut, with more as he moved on up into Massachusetts. Fishing was good, too, as he iced a good pile of panfish for his effort.

Along the coast there is no safe ice to speak of, but that’s not keeping people from enjoying the outdoors! Gene and Shawn from Black Hall Outfitters in Westbrook, CT donned the neoprene waders and rakes and scratched up a few hardhsells this weekend. They report good clamming along the Connecticut coast with low tides and mild temps getting people out. If you’ve never had a fresh, winter clam, then you’re missing out on one of the best-tasting treats going, so check with the guys at Black Hall for some tips and gear.